Loews Coronado Bay Resort Wedding, Michele & Pej | April 10

Pej contacted me from New York for their destination wedding in Coronado at Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

Although we did not meet until the wedding day, Pej & Michele are a super nice couple and there families are alot of fun to be around!

I like New Yorkers because 1. they know how to properly “suit up” for a wedding and 2. they get my East coast sarcasm!

A spectacular view on a warm spring day!

Rabbi Ian explains the terms of the deal: Pej has 7 goats outside in the parking lot in exchange for his new Bride.

“This is not acceptable! there are to be 7 Goats and 7 Camels!”

After much negotiation, an agreement is made!

“Mazel tov!”

Pej insisted I bring a second photographer so I got this guy at half price……………………and…… he brought his assistant!

This is going to be the cover of Pej’s new Book……….. suggest a title in the comments below!

Special thanks to Jamie Lawler (the actual second shooter)