Del Mar Powerhouse Wedding, Mary & Greg | April 7

“Good morning Greg! How’s-your-day-going-good?!” She would ask sweetly before taking his order for coffee . They were neighbors in Pacific Beach and crossed paths almost daily at 4am as Mary was on her way to work at the coffee shop and Greg was on his way getting home. Greg would be sure to stop by to get his coffee later in the morning and perhaps visit with his favorite Barista.

I was fortunate to also be “a regular” at said coffee shop, know Mary when she worked there along with her sister and the awesome group of girls that are still friends after having moved on.

They loved the beach, so a simple wedding at the Del Mar Powerhouse was perfect! Starfish, sand, blues and greens with champagne set the color palette.

Mary’s nieces are the cutest flower girls!

High five!

Coming soon to a theater near you: “The Baristas!”

Congratulations Mary & Greg!


Wedding Photography : LENOCE | Ceremony & Reception Location : Del Mar Powerhouse



Claudia Bima - May 7, 2012 - 6:58 am

Amazing pictures of a precious pair!!